Monday, October 8, 2012

General Conference October 2012 Jeopardy Game

This is an old image, but I have been thinking about how quickly they are growing.  Truly, where does the time go? 

I like being involved with my kids' activities. So, I volunteered to make a couple games for my daughter's seminary class one in regards to General Conference October 2012 and another for New Testament Scripture Mastery (coming in a few days).

Then I thought maybe everyone else might like it too.  I am actively building LDS type games for those who like to use technology to reinforce gospel principles.  (since this is a large file you will need to download it which you can do by clicking on File, then Download)
Sorry for the long link!

Answers to Jeopardy Game

Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy this project! Please leave comments for us, I would love to hear from you!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Legoland Discovery Center - Phipps Plaza (ATLANTA)

We went to Legoland a couple of weeks ago with a bunch of homeschooling families.  This attraction was great for my son and the younger children of the group.  A Discovery Center has a two small rides for kids and adults, a very cool 4-D movie, a lot of interactive opportunities to hang with your kids. 

It's my belief that this Discovery Center is not worth the money unless you go on a group rate or extreme discount.  In my group alone, there were 5 adults (my 13 year old had to have an adult ticket) and two kids.  At the full rate cost, $20.52 per adult and $16.20 per kid including taxes.  Grand total: $135.00 to walk through the doors, but wait!!! I went in only because we were apart of a group - Actual price to walk in $66.00 (Amen, for discounts!!)

The Phipps Plaza Discovery Center is located in a Georgia mall, so really the entire facility is about the size of medium retail front so, would you pay to go into a store?  Let's face it, these Discovery Center's are retail stores that charge admission to enter.  Just like you see at Disneyland; everything leads to a retail store to purchase souvenirs or in this case Legos. 

Yes, the rides are really pretty neat! The 4-D movie of 12 minutes was great for the little guys! Of course, it's really cool that you can make a cars and race them on the track, play on the "firehouse inspired" playhouse, and attend workshops to build better Lego models.

What's not cool?  Kid's meals that cost $15.00 dollars --- Yes, I said 15 dollars for a kid's meal! Really! Eat before you go in this place, save your dollars!!!

Don't forget you have to walk through the Lego Store to get out? Can you say kid freak out if you don't buy something???

Will we return to the Discovery Center???  Probably not, my kids are past this kind of attraction.  Some moms and dads may enjoy the break that it gives them from the little guys but that will have to be your decision.

Side note: That top photo is from the Lego Model of Atlanta!

Just my opinion,

Momma Penguin

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ren Fest (in Georgia)

We love RenFest in Georgia.  It comes for just a few weeks in the spring/summer time.  What's the best part of RenFest for us, it's the opportunity to experience the way of life from a few centuries ago! Our penguins love to eat the MONSTER turkey legs while watching the "Strange" characters walkby. 

Quick side note: There's a good chance that a few of those "strange" characters are actually our extremely talented homeschooling friends.  Every year they make costumes by hand for RenFest and DragonCon (more on that in a few months),

Is RenFest for families? Well, let's be honest, there's no way to protect your family from everything in the world.  The same is true with the Renaissance Festival of Georgia (In case you are wanting to go,  Careful selection of shows and booths allow families to obtain a great learning experience for the kids.  We definitely recommend visiting the local Renaissance Fair if you can, it's a pleasantly unique experience for all involved. 

See ya there next year!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Summer School

Do you work through the summer? Do you take breaks? Or are you just burned out??

We intend to work through the summer though we have plenty of fun, breaks and opportunities to explore planned as well.  There's Digital Art Camp, Cub Scout Camp, Girls Camp, karate, visits with family, and many field trips! Oh boy, we sound busier than ever!

Tell me what about your family adventures???

2012-2013 Academic Curriculum

As many homeschool moms are deciding the plans for the next academic year, I wonder.... what are you going to do with your crew of students.  We have choosen to go with an academically rigorous homeschool co-op called, Scholars Guild, here in our community. We will also be learning with the Classical Conversations Essentials curriculum.  We are strong believers in re-inforcement and expanding our horizons. Along with these two programs we will be studying our scriptures, Family Home Evening, and attending our many activities. 

What about you?  What are your plans??  How do you afford your curriculum? Do you sell and buy curriculum over the summer???

Religious Discrimination Alive and Well

As the title suggested, our religious belief is under attack not just because one of the presidential candidates happens to be of the same belief. No rather due to the fact that our religion is STILL not seen as a Christian belief.  This is a difficult subject for me as I don't understand why we are not seen as Christians when the name of our church clearly states, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  We believe in Jesus Christ, which is the most basic terminology for a Christian, so frustrating!

Where does this little rant come from??? Well, apparently, even though I have the educational background of a lot of educators in the public school system, in the homeschool world of co-op I am not allowed to teach due to my religious preference.  Yes, that's right I have been told that they will not hire me (even with the two degrees I have) because I am NOT Christian! Wait, what! I AM A CHRISTIAN!  How hard is this to comprehend?  What does it take to end the religious discrimination, it's crazy?

So, what do I do???  We are leaving the current homeschool co-op because of this CRAZY religious discrimination.  Thankfully, we did find somewhere for the penguins to attend a homeschool co-op which has openly accepted us as of right now, hopefully that will stay true throughout the next school year.

Has anyone else had to deal with this issue?? Am I only one who thinks it's crazy that in 2012 we are still discriminating against one another???? 

Friday, June 24, 2011

It's been awhile

I realize it's been awhile since I posted. Here's what's currently going within the family.
We have been struggling quite a bit. Daddy and Mommy Penguin are in Master's degree programs at a local college. Honestly, we are doing that because we are making sure that no matter the situation we are able to support our family, even the extended family. It's stressful but worth the struggle in the long run.

The kids were with a particular distance education schooling but we have removed them from that school due to a lack of accreditation which was why we were there. We are praying, fasting and hopefully going to the temple soon - so that we can make a decision on the upcoming year with our Heavenly Father. We want to stay with an accreditated school that follows the LDS thought process and spiritual training. What's a mom to do? UGH!

I, particularly, am struggling with the idea that my kids are growing up and need more attention. There's only so many ways a parent can go these days. Daddy Penguin parents both have had serious heart related issues in the last few months. And as I write, my father is in the hospital again with pneumonia. My mom isn't doing well either. My sister lost her home and now lives my parents, though that's another stress because she refuses the comforts of the gospel. Even demanding that a blessing for her was only intended to hurt her, like we would hurt her in anyway.

I just don't understand how I am suppose to be multiple people. I want to try for that part-time position at a LDS distance based school, but really can I do that with school for myself, homeschooling three beautifully unique children and caring for the family (ALL of the family). note: 74% of the time I acquire a 4th children for one reason or another.

Suggestions, comments?